Why mentor?

Adam Bailey

11/19/2021 1 min read

One thing I have always loved is sharing my experiences. Until I started mentoring I really didn't have a way to do that. Mentoring has given me an opportunity to do something I love. Sharing my experiences and providing someone with the knowledge I've learned is something I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do.

What I really was missing was a way to do this. I searched the internet and found several options but was impressed wit Mentor Cruise. The quality of mentor that this site offers is impressive. I found myself wanting to be part of this group of highly skilled individuals so I applied. To my profound joy I was accepted!

Figuring I needed something to stand out I decided to put together this website. It gives me a platform to provide a bit of insight into who I am and why I would be a good mentor for someone. Hopefully this will allow future mentees solid ground to make a decision on whether I am a good fit for them. If this is you feel free to contact me through the Mentor Cruise site. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.