Where is the snow???

Thoughts on the new ski season.

Adam Bailey

11/21/2021 1 min read

November 26th and Ski season is upon us. Resorts are opening with very limited terrain. I've seen posts of crowds the heard that the conditions are icy. I'm wanting to head up the mountain but am going to hold off a while yet. Early season skiing is an opportunity to start knocking off the rust and getting those muscles in shape again. However, I think I'm going to wait.

Officially winter is about a month away. Yet we should have seen some snow by now. Fall has been dry and warm with temperatures reaching the mid-70's far too often for this late in the year. There is some snow on the mountains but it doesn't look like years past. It's a La Niña year (again) so I shouldn't be surprised most of the weather is tracking to our north. The predictions are for near normal snowfall but so far the weather has had other ideas. We need a big storm to get some terrain open at the resorts. Ski season is short enough, let's get this party started.

The new season is off without a bang. I cannot justify to myself dealing with the I-70 traffic jam for a few runs that are crowded and icy. We need snow. Do a snow dance? Sure whatever it takes to get the flakes flying.